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Essential Oils

Young Living Essential Oils - The brand our family trusts!
We have been an oily family for over 3 years now and have always trusted the quality of Young Living oils and will continue to use them on our wellness journey.
There are hundreds of uses for essential oils! They are used for wellness, beauty, emotional health, nutritional supplements, house cleaners, and so much more.
We are here to share our daily lives with you all and how we implement essential oils into our daily routines. Whether it's in our clean with us videos, our beauty tips, or my cooking recipes, we are here to share the goodness that comes with an oily lifestyle!
Looking to start your oily journey to wellness?? We would be so happy to help you get started!

Follow these simple steps to get started!

  1. Click here to begin the enrollment process to a better lifeSTYLE.
  2. You will want to select the WHOLESALE MEMBER option. There are no member fees, no monthly or annual fees, and you are under no obligation to sell or distribute any products.
  3. Make sure my member number {13739035} is in both the Sponsor ID and the Enroller ID spots.
  4. Complete all the fields, read over Terms & Conditions, and choose a username, password, and PIN. Make sure you include your SSN or tax ID number. Because you have the potential to earn income, Young Living Essential Oils must collect this information for tax purposes. It won’t be used for any other reason.
  5. Be sure to fill in your email address. Email is how we will contact you to join our team, send free goodies, resources, and more!
  6. Choose the Premium Starter Kit or the new Welcome Kit.
  7. IF you decide to join Essential Rewards to save on shipping and start earning free products, select the next package you want to get, THIS IS RECOMMENDED BUT NOT REQUIRED.
  8. Add any other products you’d like to order or try out at this time (helllooo natural make-up options!) and then next complete your transaction. 
EE Steps

Annndddd your oils are on their way to you now, welcome to the coolest club out there, the OILY CLUB OF WELLNESS!

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